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With over 30 years’ experience facilitating personal wellness and spiritual growth, Jules wears many hats! She is a Registered Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Embodiment Facilitator, Sound Healer, Mentor, Leadership Trainer, Speaker, and Author.

Jules has dedicated her practice to helping people from all walks of life develop full, passionate, meaningful lives through compassion, curiosity, and powerful attention. She believes the secret lies in turning inward to cultivate our intuition and live with embodied, compassionate presence.

Throughout her career, Jules has facilitated the exponential personal growth of hundreds of clients over tens of thousands of hours through her playful, intuitive, and wise guidance.

Using beautiful storytelling, deep listening and curated guidance designed uniquely for each individual, the programs and sessions Jules offers empower individuals who are ready to open their hearts and step into their fully realized potential.

Jules uses a diverse combination of techniques and skills including, inter-generational healing, inner child integration/soul fragmentation work, Somato-Emotional Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sound-Resonance Therapy and various other quantum-energetic techniques that involve holding space for curiosity, play and the imagination to take over.

Jules Hare, Therapist, Mentor, Teacher, Author, and student of life!

It's only with curiosity, deep reverence, and real

trust that the body's defense systems surrender to

noticing things differently

Using IMAGINATION, PLAY, and VIBRATION/SOUND, Jules takes the less commonly used, play-based, "back-door approach" to accessing your supremely intelligent inner world.

When the body is seen and engaged as the "playground" for the soul, then a myriad of possibilities and potentials come to life in less time and with less effort than you could possibly imagine!!

Transformation is not as hard or as painful as you may think it is!

All it takes is your commitment in the form of time, energy and attention to practice the new programming that your body reveals to us that it needs most.


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At Home

Tucked away on the shores of the ever-changing Bay of Fundy, our family consists of myself, my partner Phil, our two extraordinary teenagers and our “gentle giant” dog, Bee. Our clinic, Cranial Waves, is run right on our property; a magical slice of paradise that was once home to a local restaurant and an artist’s studio before we scooped it up to make it our home. Sprawling food forest gardens, a wood fired sauna, and view of the crashing ocean waves sets the backdrop for our daily lives in this dreamy fishing village on the Maritime Atlantic coast of Canada. Our community is bubbling with artists, energy workers, intuitive connectors and bringers of light and laughter. Coupled with striking landscapes and awe-inspiring wildlife (eagles, porpoises, fox, deer, and moose - just to name a few), this place is exactly where we are meant to be!

At Play

Outside of finding joy in my work, you can expect me to be off adventuring in the great wild terrain of the earth around me.

Icy polar dips in the Bay? You bet!

Midnight beach dance party bonfires? Absolutely! Full tilt down the side of a mountain on my bike? 100%!

Who’s that whistling or singing outside the pub?Probably me.

As a retired snowboard instructor, longboard cruiser, ultimate frisbee competitor and general absorber of inspiring experiences, I love to play! It’s become a gateway to youth, to energy, to a full and gorgeous life I am so grateful to have.

At Rest

I start every day with a walk on the beach. Sometimes it’s gorgeous and I catch the magnificence of the sunrise over the ocean. Other days water droplets feel like blades of ice as they pummel me in the face with resistance til I turn back home, drenched.

Regardless of the weather I’m there, present for all of it, honoured to just be able to be a part of it all.

My meditation practice is an important part of my life. It’s a path of connection to my inner voice and a gateway to the pieces of the spirit world meant just for me. These messages integrate into my daily life and, often, into the lives of those the messages were meant for. It is truly a privilege and a blessing to share insight that uniquely speaks to the people that are ready to receive.
I also enjoy creating art with painting and burning techniques on wood, specifically unique pieces of driftwood found on my many morning walks. Creative outlets like these are a perfect way to express parts of myself that sometimes words just can’t convey, not to mention being great gifts for those I love!

“It takes TRUE COURAGE to be the best version of yourself.

I am deeply grateful to live a life devoted to growth, love & leadership.”

- Jules

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Jules Hare, Therapist, Mentor, Teacher, Author, and student of life!

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