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“ There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

- Margaret J. Wheatley

A community of soul-aligned individuals learning and transforming together accelerates the potential for growth AND makes the learning more accessible for everyone as well!

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Here’s what past participants had to say:

”This program has been life-changing for me. I have deeply enjoyed the modules on such a wide range of topics, and the ability to re-listen to them again. The benefits of finding your soul tribe are indescribable.

It is, as Jules so aptly says "coming home to wholeness". When we listen, truly listen, our bodies have so much to say. Everything can shift in an instant when we have the courage to step-in to ourselves.

You will walk away energized, feeling strong in your sense of self, and with an innate knowing that when we shift our own mindset and get really quiet to just listen and be still....everything changes."

- Jen Harley

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”The group experience absolutely benefited me because it was a stepping out of my comfort zone and talking to a lot of strangers by myself. I think even just that helped me to get out of my shell in other areas of life. I also absolutely loved the last exercise where we all shared how the others inspired us.

I will never forget how good that felt (even if I forget a lot of the things that were said, lol), but the ones that stick out made me feel so good and connected to these women I had never met in real life (other than Jules). I hope to meet them sometime!"

- Rachel Metherel

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”A single collective directive thought is all it takes to change the world"

- Lynne McTaggart

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