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Leading from Within

Take your lEADERSHIP to the next level

Leading From Within Program

6 Month- Private 1 on 1 Embodied Leadership Program

This course was created for those who are ready to commit to a deep level of growth. Inner work of this magnitude takes dedication and therefore your space in the program will only be ensured after a conversation with Jules. To apply, please reach out to Jules to express your interest and get started!

Mentorship Program

Participant Reviews

Kym Rennie Retired Teacher, Mom & Master Observer

Kym Rennie

Mentorship Program Participant

Retired Teacher, Mom & Master Observer

"Jules what you’ve created is less of a program and more of a remembering.

Your gift of being a vessel and holding space has allowed me to truly see myself and the incredible gifts that I have overlooked my entire life.

Your curiosity and playfulness have created a space where I am comfortable to play without judgement and observe my highest potential.

When we remember who we are everything changes.

This remembering has enhanced the way I show up in the world for myself and my family.

The ripple effect from this personal shift is truly immeasurable. ❤️"

Christine Dainard Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Mom & Overall Amazing Character

Christine Dainard

Mentorship Program Participant

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Mom & Overall Amazing Character

"This program connects you to yourself way beyond your imagination.

It’s like it opens a portal to your soul and brings the pieces back together. It quiets the mind and the “shoulds” of the world and has you diving deep into self to unleash the power you have within yourself.

It has helped me see my strength and power isn’t anywhere outside of me - it all comes from within me. Something I know, or had been connected to in the past, but brought me back, and deeper and more impactful than ever. It’s hard to put into words, but this has enlightened me, opened me up and helped me see my purpose with clarity, and given me the tools to grow again and have faith in knowing."

A leader, first and foremost is human.

Only when we have the strength to show our vulnerability can we truly lead”

- Simon Sinek

Jules Hare, Therapist, Mentor, Teacher, Author, and student of life!

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