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Pain accelErates transformatioN

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‘Pain accelerates transformation.”

- Tony Robbins

There are many reasons people feel drawn to work alongside me on their journey, however the underlying thread is most often a theme of discomfort, or pain in one form or another.

Over the last twenty or so years, I’ve found these to be the most common:


There is a simple quote by Tony Robbins that says, “pain accelerates transformation”.

And while this can sound trite or dismissive of the very real experiences we have, it can also be true if we let it.

Physical pain can be debilitating. It has the unique power to be the loudest voice we hear, to overwhelm most other experiences, responsibilities and even our own thoughts. I often hear from clients that the hardest part of pain is feeling like they no choice, especially when they’ve tried every avenue of healing they can find.

I am grateful every day that I’ve been trained in, and had so many opportunities to practice multiple unique modalities that work to relieve the burden of disease and have helped treat dozens of restrictive physical issues including:

- Connective tissue disorders

- migraines

- concussion symptoms

- central nervous system disorders

- sports injuries/orthopedic problems

- birth trauma

- spinal cord injuries

- scoliosis

- seizures

- chronic fatigue syndrome

- post-surgical healing

- tempero-mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)

- and many more.

Working with your magnificently wise, complex, perfectly unique body to understand and transmute pain points, especially when traditional medicine and therapies have left your questions unanswered and your pain radiating as steadily as ever, is not only possible, it is ready and waiting for you right now.

It might not be the way we would choose to transform, but pain can be a doorway to connection with our bodies, not only to heal us in the present, but to create a balanced internal ecosystem that transports us through our lives with energy, joy, and true freedom.

Emotional & Spiritual

For people in this category, I hear the words “existential crisis”, "crisis of meaning", or "mid-life crisis" quite a bit.

There is often an abrupt or overwhelming catalyst that tips them over the edge of what they feel they can handle.

These can include (but are definitely not limited to):

- The death of a loved one

- a relationship break-up

- the loss of a job

- a spiritual awakening that upturns the equilibrium of their lives

- a life-threatening illness, or near-death experience

- a life-altering experience with plant medicine

- any other physical or emotional life event or trauma

What do we do when all the things we thought defined us fall away?

There is often a sense that “it’s just too much”, that they are spiraling or out of control of themselves, their racing thoughts, or extreme feelings.

Intense emotions can be challenging to navigate, especially when they trigger the places deep within us that hold our memories and resonate with the narratives we’ve been taught to believe about ourselves and the world around us. 

I have successfully worked with people from all walks of life to, depending on the struggle, find ease, navigate and/or heal from many iterations of the following:

- Anxiety

- depression

- stored emotional trauma

- post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)

- ADD, Autism Spectrum navigation

- sensory processing disorder

- and many more. 

Most of us were not raised with the language or the tools to venture into our innermost places of our being with a sense of security, self-love and understanding. And that’s ok! It's not impossible, it's just a muscle that you didn't know existed, and just need to learn how to exercise!

There is always hope if you are ready to take even just one brave step towards the healing that is waiting for you with open arms.

Please know that any and all religious or spiritual beliefs you hold will be deeply honoured, and can be incorporated as a beautiful guide to connect what your body is wanting to share.


More times than I can count I meet with people who “just know” there is more!

They can’t quite put their finger on it, but the calling to step into the next level of understanding is a voice they can no longer ignore. 

They’ve often explored the world of traditional talk therapies, delved into recommended personal and spiritual growth books or podcasts, or attended conferences on enlightenment/growth in search of their purpose.

Some have spent time studying yoga, meditation, or the world of psychedelics as a means of opening their minds and experiencing deeper levels of themselves and the spiritual world.

Others are just beginning on their journey and looking for the first/next steps to becoming the most fulfilled and connected versions of themselves.

If this feels like you, welcome!

There is an incredible world full of inner wisdom, healing and vibrance just waiting for you to step into – I’m so excited to transform with you!

Having a safe space to explore any and all of these painful places with a trained, compassionate, and wise facilitator can often be the difference between hopelessness and wholeness.

There is an endless well of discovery available within us, and we accelerate that learning when we do it together!

Having a guide, a mentor, and a trusted ally to hold space for the most precious pieces of yourself, to give you a place to observe, embody and make friends with who you truly are, to bravely greet the “dark” or scary parts within you, and learn to be-friend and embrace them.....

this is the blessed role I am honoured to hold.

You are not alone.

When you’re ready,

let’s take a courageous step

into the beautiful world of YOU together.

"Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within."

- Gabor Mate, Ph.D.

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