Psychedelic Integration

landing the wisdom of peak experiences home within your body

"As we experience a resurgence of interest in psychedelics, we can again fantasize about a different future."

- Erika Dyke, Ph.D.

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To access and embody the true richness of a peak experience requires extra attention through:



This isn't always possible to do this on your own.

It's impossible to see our own blind-spots.

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"Psychedelics do help us remember things that we have repressed, but obviously, they also make us very vulnerable and things might come up.

Having somebody witness that and validate those feelings that are expressed and shown can be incredibly healing for people."

-Dr. Malin Vedoy Uthang, Ph.D.

When you receive a gift,

do you unwrap it, admire it, and never look at it again?

Hopefully not.

After the huge awakening a psychedelic experience brings,

do you really want to leave all that new juicy

knowledge wrapped up & locked in time?


Do you want to continually mix & integrate

that new magic into your life, explore it's potential,

and take the steps necessary to embody it as


The choice is yours.

Remember that how you connect

to your unique

inner-medicine is how

you change the world

Psychedelic integration through Intuitive Embodiment Coaching and Cranial Sacral Therapy can make the difference between a great memory, and a life-changing transformational experience.

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"Get out of your head & into your body & let's see what the system knows how to do."

- Dr. John E. Upledger

How are Cranial Sacral Therapy & Psychedelics Connected?

Join Jules & Psychedelic Life Coach Sinclair Fleetwood as they explore the power of listening to the body and how EVERYTHING is connected✨As well as how psychedelics (and psychedelic integration) help to heal our relationships within ourselves, and in the world 🌎💞✨

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