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Babies, teens & kids

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Why is this work important for kids?

KIDS aren’t stuck thinking things have to be a certain way yet, when they are given the opportunity to connect with their body through the use of curiosity and imagination they can access their own inner wisdom easily and live their purpose without all the judgements and restrictions that hold us adults back.

This work (play) guides kids to discover the language of their bodies without the expectation and judgement that often hi-jacks our experience as we get older.

This inward-focused, play-based awareness supports the building of long-lasting trust and confidence from the inside-out.

As kids are encouraged to connect through practice, naturally they will learn to speak that inner language fluently. No matter what happens in their lives and how old and stuck they become, when they’re ready to be re-immersed in that rich inner-connection, it’ll be there with open arms waiting for them!

Believe me, I’ve witnessed it so many times, the power of that connection is truly undeniable.

Here are some more of the many benefits kids experience with Cranial Sacral Therapy:

  • Increased emotional intelligence.

  • Increased body awareness (and body energy awareness)

  • Decreased mental, emotional and physical pain.

  • Identify electro-magnetic sensitivities (discerning what is mine, vs. what is yours)

  • Learn to translate what the body is showing/telling you BEFORE it becomes pain.

  • Learn to decipher the subtle signs from the body before anxiety and depression set in

  • Befriending the body from an early age, instead of demonizing it - leads to increased confidence and less potential for body dysmorphia.

  • Create an authentic, healthy and loving body image as an integral foundation for growth.

  • Learn to help the body heal after injuries (very helpful for young athletes)

  • Increased connection to intuition and making body-mind informed decisions that are truly aligned with who they are.

Kids are our future’s leaders. They will always be the most enlightened beings on this planet, and to richly learn and grow as a civilization I truly believe that learning from what our youngest teachers are showing us, is fundamental.

Our children count on us to show them what is possible, what they’re capable of, and how to relate to the world around them as well as to their own bodies.

But so many of us adults are still figuring all these things out though right?

It’s hard to model this when we’re still working on it (Or maybe we haven’t even started to discover it for ourselves).

That’s why having someone outside of your family dynamic that has a wild imagination and lacks the need to judge things the way others do, is such a powerful relationship for a child to have.

cute and adorable newborn Cranial Sacral Therapy for newborns


One of the biggest physical traumas our bodies experience is our birth. When we can decompress the pressures of birth a plethora of future conditions can be eliminated before they even begin! Jules has had over 20 years of experience working with babies and their families, as well as teaching parents and other healthcare professionals how to use Cranial Sacral techniques to help infants to thrive.

Some of the most common conditions Cranial Sacral Therapy for newborns and infant's treats are:

- Latching & sucking difficulties

- Colic

- Traumatic Birth Decompression

- Head Abnormalities - including head shape and Hydrocephalous etc.

- Failure to Thrive Concerns

- Digestive Concerns

- Seizures

- Gross Motor Dysfunctions

- And many more

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Teens (age 13-19)

Well nobody needs love and understanding more than teens. The trick is that as a parent you're WAAAY too close and attached to the outcome sometimes to be able to truly listen to your teen with the curiosity and compassion they deeply require and desire.

It's so challenging to be a teen, often feeling like a stranger to all the changes happening in their bodies.

Feeling mis-understood, uncertain of who to be, mainly focused on a sense of belonging with friends (vs. an old reality where they were dependant on parents).

Over the years I have had the honour to work with dozens of teens, helping them connect to the amazing wisdom available within their bodies. Empowering them to awaken that powerful relationship within themselves, a relationship that will guide and serve them for the rest of their lives.

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Kids (age 1-12)

This is obviously a huge age range. I incorporate drawing, playing, talking and sometimes even puppets to engage and build rapport.

Sometimes we’re on the ground exploring, and other times just working at a distance. There is the opportunity of time on the clinic table, but it’s not necessary. It’s most important that the kids feel comfortable in the space and with me, and sometimes I will even ask the parent/guardian to be the client and connect with them on the table.

These sessions are purely immersive, and very rarely the same from one client to the next, and 1 visit to the next. It’s my job to just listen to what the body needs most and follow that inner wisdom from there. Imagination and curiosity are my most powerful tools, and I use them often ;)

What does a

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60 min Session $150

To be paid on the same day of the session via email money transfer, cash, cheque or visa

RMT receipts are only available for in-person sessions

**Access to these sessions have no barrier. Please message if you feel deeply invested to the work, but the price has limitations for you.


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