Christine Dainard Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

Christine Dainard

Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

Private Coaching Client

Seriously this has been most amazing.I truly feel you are so aligned with the work you do, and the way you’re able to support people and encourage the reconnection to our inner child is simply amazing.

I have felt so comfortable, not judged, and so encouraged through this program. I love that it’s brought me back to centre, and supports me as I feel and do what’s in me - to listen from within and not just make shifts or changes, but do them in the way that feels best for me. It’s all so personal.

When I started this program I was feeling very out of alignment, and was struggling to make decisions because I was thinking my way through everything - fear and uncertainty were very much in charge.

Now I feel re-centred and have been able to put my heart in the drivers seat, and bringing mind, heart and body back together to work in unison. How I’m feeling is so naturally me, and I no longer feel uncertain.

Tanya Pilaf Registered Massage Therapist

Tanya Pilaf

Registered Massage Therapist

Past Course Participant

I have benefited, observed, learned what you taught, and have been practicing and striving towards similar ever since. I'm finally starting to get a taste of that attunement personally and professionally and it's really exciting.

Lisa Daye Entrepreneur/Interior Designer

Lisa Daye

Entrepreneur/Interior Designer

In-Person & Virtual Client

I feel so calm and relaxed. I am so thankful for our time together. It’s so amazing that you have this gift, I can understand how explaining what you do is complex. I feel really great, and I feel I have gained more trust in myself. I really feel I released a lot. Thank you for holding my heart.

Thalia Fisher Registered Massage Therapist & Mom

Thalia Fisher

Registered Massage Therapist & Mom

In-Person & Virtual Client

Jules has incredible warmth about her - just being in her presence makes you feel more at home in yourself. She has tapped into the magical and is so good at helping you access that magical place and potential in yourself! She is an incredible guide, mentor, and ally in the adventure of self. If everyone on this Earth got to experience a session with Jules, we would have a happier, healthier, and more peaceful existence here on this planet.

Kelly Amanda Strategic Client Success Manager

Kelly Amanda

Strategic Client Success Manager

In-person & Virtual Client

There is not enough I can say about Jules or her healing that could be accurately captured in words. She truly has a gift, and from the first time you meet her to your umpteenth session with her, you feel her heart, her energy, and you feel truly seen and heard in a whole new way. As for the healing, whether you are new to alternative health and healing options or not you will not regret making the time to see Jules. Again, the words thing haha, its hard to describe other than its amazing what you can accomplish in one session with her, and regular treatments can do wonders for your physical, emotional and spiritual health. I HIGHLY recommend checking Jules out. If you are debating what alternative health could "actually" do, if it can actually help, here is your sign to bite the bullet and book an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

Alaine Goodacre Teacher & Mom

Alaine Goodacre

Teacher & Mom

In-Person & Virtual Client

Meeting this incredible human has changed my life in so many ways. Jules is amazing at what she does, so knowledgeable and 100% present with you on your journey. My kids adore her, and I am beyond thankful that she in their lives. Jules helps me to be a better person and a better parent, connecting in a more meaningful way with my kids.

Jules has been in my life for 13 years and has always met me where I am on my journey and helps me grow to the next step. I wish everyone could have Jules in their life!

Isabel Thompson Registered Social Worker

Isabel Thompson

Registered Social Worker

In-Person Client & Collaborator

I have been a client of Jules since 2012, on and off and she is who come to when my mind, body and spirit are not on the same wavelength. She is playful, warm, wise, grounded, and a bit of magic. If you are open to energy wisdom, and like a big hug at the end of the session, Jules Hare is worth the wait ✨

Rebecca Penfold Teacher & Mom

Rebecca Penfold

Teacher & Mom

In-Person Client

Jules is an intuitive and gifted healer. Her sessions make space for deep internal reflection and relaxation. I've processed and released both physical injury and traumatic memories through her holistic approach to healing. I highly recommend her practice.

James Jesso Author & Host of Adventures Through the Mind Podcast

James Jesso

Author & Host of Adventures Through the Mind Podcast

In-Person & Virtual Client

I have done a few sessions with Jules now and each time has been a very positive experience for me. I highly recommend her.

Helen Bridge Personal Business Owner/Operator & Mother of 4

Helen Bridge

Personal Business Owner/Operator & Mother of 4

Her son was a Virtual Client

So grateful. You have been our anchor during Simon's injury and recovery process. Instead of feeling depressed or resentful, you have inspired and guided his path to wellness and healing. He has been enlightened to the core of his being. You have elevated his mindset and touched his soul. He has never had an experience or profound connection like this before. I can’t thank you enough for the blessing that pour out of you… onto Simon. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Theresa Hanley Friend and Community Member

Theresa Hanley

Friend and Community Member

Jules Hare is someone who leads by example. In the years I have known her, I have watched her constantly seeking to find new ways to engage community ìn learning to thrive and connect. Jules is someone who lives with integrity and loving presence. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her.

Melissa Bowman Registered Massage Therapist

Melissa Bowman

Registered Massage Therapist

In-Person Client

When you’re in Jules’ presence you feel warm, safe and accepted. Her curiosity, genuine heart, and fantastic laugh make learning and growing easy. Just talking with Jules feels like a hug.

Elaine Shannon Producer

Elaine Shannon


In-Person Client

There are only a few people I trust to work with me on a deep emotional level and Jules is one of them. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of the connection between the emotional and physical aspects of well-being are second to none. Working with her over the past two years has been liberating for me in many ways....my inner child especially.

Eliza Fayle Be Your Purpose Mentor & Coach

Eliza Fayle

Be Your Purpose Mentor & Coach

Virtual Client and Collaborator in Jules' Coaching/Mentorship Program

As a shamanic practitioner I am a seasoned traveller in realms outside of my body. It never occurred to me to travel within the realm of my body! This is exactly what I did with Jules, and the experience was incredible.

Jules instantly created an environment of deep trust, allowing me to safely explore my inner landscape. Through our work together, both physical and emotional pain shifted and released, with lasting effect.

This was my first experience with Craniosacro Therapy, and it is now a tool I am adding to my wellness kit. Thank you, Jules.

Lori Woodroffe Doyle Retired Hairdresser & Forever World Traveller

Lori Woodroffe Doyle

Retired Hairdresser & Forever World Traveller

In-Person Client

My sessions with Jules have been Life Changing! Jules has brought my attention to areas in my life that I wasn’t even aware of.

My mind was so busy focusing on other things that I was missing important messages that my body was trying to tell me.

Life is lighter now as I am more connected to what my body is telling me! It truly is a beautiful feeling!

Laura Baer Registered Massage Therapist

Laura Baer

Registered Massage Therapist

In-Person and Virtual Client

There are some exceptional people in the world that have the capacity to facilitate such outstanding transformational change in the lives of others. Jules is definitely one of those people.

Sara Fretz Psychotherapist & Music Therapist

Sara Fretz

Psychotherapist & Music Therapist

In-Person and Virtual Client

I cannot recommend Jules highly enough!! Jules has a remarkable way of connecting with adults and children alike. In particular, helping my children listen to their feelings and express what they deeply need to feel and release. Healing is about connecting and listening to our own inner wisdom – and Jules is a skilled, talented and patient guide and teacher who is helped our family get there.

Jen Helmuth Registered Psychotherapist

Jen Helmuth

Registered Psychotherapist

In-Person Client

Treatment with Jules is exactly what you need, each and every time. She takes the time to meet you where you are and facilitates healing that is just what you need. No matter who you are or what you are bringing to the table, Jules will work her magic.

"Unexpected, surprising, maybe just the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to continuing this healing journey. Thank you for sharing your intuitive gifts, Jules."

-Jen, Goderich Ontario

"Within minutes of meeting Jules, it felt like I had known her forever. She instantly makes you feel comfortable as her warm welcoming energy mixes with her extensive knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend Cranial Waves!"

-Chloe, Fairfield, New Brunswick

"Dear Jules, I am so grateful to have you as my Therapist. Your cranial sacral treatments are teaching me how to connect with my body and spirit. We have just begun a fantastic, exciting and wonderful journey together. I am always looking forward to my treatments. Your videos are awesome, keep up the good work. Namaste." :):)

-Jacques Deschenes, Saint John, New Brunswick

"Jules is one of a kind.  She has great instincts and can zero in on problem areas quickly.   I find most massage treatments provide temporary relief, but Julie's approach goes deep and helps get to the underlying cause of issues. She makes great observations and works with you to activate your own resources so your healing can continue even after the session is over. Plus, she's also one of the most genuine, kind, compassionate and funny people I've met.  I'm so grateful I was introduced to Jules. She is a uniquely gifted healer."

-Lainey Ann, Kitchener, Ontario

"Jules has been working with and supporting me and my daughter for approximately 10 years.  She has been an essential part of our healing journey after the loss of 5 family members in 6 years including my husband and the father of my daughter. I am so grateful to know her and be treated by her."

-Heike, Toronto, Ontario

"Jules is an intuitive, caring and compassionate practitioner. Her ability to listen to your body, shift energy and promote healing is astonishing every visit. I try to see her every four to six weeks and am so thankful that one of her clients and an acquaintance of mine suggested Jules to me."

-Linda, Kitchener, Ontario

"Immediately upon meeting Jules Hare her authenticity shone through, and I felt comfortable and welcomed in her presence. She didn’t waste any time before mentioning how she was here to help raise the vibration of this little village and that was when I knew our paths were destined to cross. She is a treasure and I consider myself blessed to consider her a friend."

-Sarah, St. Martins New Brunswick

"I’ve always loved that by watching you live your truly authentic life; it gave me courage to do the same! Hugs... Well, there’s no words that come close to describing them adequately! And most of all, for me, it’s your beautiful spirit, and how you share that with people in such a way to support and encourage them in their own path and growth!!

You’re a genuinely beautiful soul!"

-Jenn, Kitchener, Ontario

"Jules! When l met you and Phil a few times and hung out at some Heath shows l have to say that... l love both of you! You're the most authentic, real, no judgement, go with the flow, open minded, beautiful people l have ever known. You bring a smile to anyone’s face, and you truly love what you do!"

-Debbie, New Hamburg Ontario

"Jules, you're a true blessing to everyone who meets you. You light up a room with your raw authentic energy. When I saw you for my sessions, I felt loved, balanced and accepted. I released some things and never felt judged. Just loved. Your funny. Unique. You have a beautiful soul energy. I am honored and blessed to know you. Love you! xo"

- Cindy, Waterloo, Ontario

"Your voice is OMG amazing - there is energetic alchemy taking place within the tones of your voice - how magical you are :) thank you for the joy of listening to you speak today. :)"

-Melinda, Toronto, Ontario

"Having been a client of Cranial Waves, I can say firsthand the care and attention provided by Jules was nothing less than marvelous!!! Life has its ups and downs, especially in the last year, Jules is a real professional, gifted natural and a super compassionate human - it's a true gift to be under her care and guidance especially in times of need. "

- Harish, Vaughan, Ontario

"Jules is a gifted and experienced healer. I highly recommend her!"

- Jane, Rothesay, New Brunswick

"Jules is an absolutely gifted and intuitive facilitator for your health challenges."

-Wolfgang and Almut, St. Agatha, Ontario

"She has such an amazing and calming presence. Intuitive and empathetic, she is very knowledgeable and supportive!!"

-Joi Whitmore Psychedelic Integration Coach, Florida

Jules Hare, Therapist, Mentor, Teacher, Author, and student of life!

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